I have found chaos rising in the religious world. Morning is gone, shadows of midday has covered the ground, evening is upon us, and Sundown is fast approaching... Will you be ready, is your Soul worth the Father Truth, or just man's opinion...?
People think satan will appear in an explosive appearance to us and we will all know him... I tell you satan has already started working his mark into our way of life. And there is no stopping it...! 
I have place different statement and sayings from over the ages, plus some questions and answers, in hopes that it might help you in your search for the truth. Below I will be adding another possibility of how God wanted us to see the truth in His Word...! 
I pray that if I can reach one person and get them to stop and think about ridding the fence, then I have achieved my prays...! 

Once saved always saved... If you do any works of satan and say you are saved, you are lying, God is not in you.! If you walk with Jesus, you will not want to sin, for He is with you always...  I John 3:6-9