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The Torah is the oldest history Book/Scroll ever given to man. It was first handed to Moses by Jesus on mount Sinai. As were the first Ten Commandments. And down through the ages the Torah had to be copied. To keep it Pure and to pass it along for each generation to come. Jesus left nothing to chance by giving it to the Jewish people.

The Scribes' a group of the Jewish people who completed the copying of the Torah. Were very passionate about there work. Even before they were allowed to read any of the Torah in the temple, it had to be memorized.

When copying the Torah. They would say each word aloud then spell the word exactly as written in the Torah.

Once finished, The Scroll would need to be reread by the whole group. And if one Word was misspelled the Scroll would be burned. And would need to be rewritten...

It is important for us to understand and to know what price had to be paid for us to receive the exact Word God wants us to have, Without question or mistake... It was said that the Scribes' Could tell you the exact middle Word in the Torah or the exact middle letter if you prefer...

The Torah is the beginning of our Word that was given to us to live by. And King James Heart' was given the job to complete the putting together of the Holy Word... Now Known as the King James Bible..!

Now let us go into the Desert. To the Dead Sea Scroll's and who wrote them. This was a private group of Jewish men. Who feared the loss of the Old Testament writings and wanted to preserve them. So they set off to start a secret group to copy and preserve the writings of not just the Torah. But of all the writers and Prophet of the Old Testament.

Among the findings of the Dead Sea Scroll's. Was 17 copies of Psalms alone.! It took 40 years for the Scroll's to be deciphered.

Now this group was thousands of years from the first Scribes' who started copying the Torah. But they carried the same passion and pushed on to try and hide these writings. So that they would be preserved forever...

And know this, when compared to the Original Writings. Only a hand full of Words was found wrong. And these were only simple Words. And the only thing wrong with them, was the spelling..!  

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