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                                                    Walk In the Light and the Truth will Walk In You...

                                I can prove their is a God. But that is not the question is it. The question is, Can you prove it to yourself..!  


                                                                           My Saviour does not see Colours, He Creates them... 


The man who seeks enlightment must first find Truth in himself. For the man who does not carry Mercy in his heart, can never be more then a mere man. For if a man seeks to be more then he is, he must first look beyond himself...


                                                                                                          Price Paid in Full

Late one night while driving through an unfamiliar area, I happened upon a small brightly lit shop. The warm glow from the window beckoned me, and although I was in a strange area I stopped.

As I entered the door I noticed that there was no one else in the store. The shelves were well stocked and the room was nicely decorated. From behind the counter came a warm, peaceful voice saying, Welcome'. Look around, I'm sure that you will find something for everyone on your Christmas list.

I move slowly from counter to counter picking out the perfect gift for each person as there name popped into my mind. For several people I picked Salvation. For a few I picked up Mercy. There were some that would be receiving Grace. And I knew more then one that could use Understanding. I took so many Patience that I thought the store would run out.

The Forgiveness appeared so appealing, I had to take some. Just as I was approaching the check out counter. I spied packages of Love, and I picked up one for each person on my list.

When I got to the register my arms were full. As I laid all my gifts gently down on the counter. A wonderful cheery Man appeared and packaged them up for me. As He looked at me, He smiled and said 'Thank You' Please feel free to come as many times as you want.

I smiled and said, how much do I owe you'? His eye's glowed with joy as He answered.

The Price Has Been Paid in Full'

As I walked to the door, I turned to look back and saw Him smiling as He refilled all the shelves...


                                                                                   My Castle in the Desert   

I was setting in my porch swing as the evening poured into the night. Everything set quietly as the sounds of the night started to sing all around me. I felt myself starting to get tired so I laid my head over to rest for a moment. When I raised my head I found that I was standing on a mountain top. When I heard a voice and look out in to the darkness.

There was darkness everywhere when a door open fill with light. An old man step out. And with the staff in his hand raise, he slammed it down. The door close but he was still visible. Again he slammed down his staff and appeared a man behind him.

I am Abraham, a voice in the wilderness. Another man appeared in front of him. I am Moses, a voice in the wilderness. I am Joshua, a voice in the wilderness. I am Isaiah, I am Jeremiah. Then a moment of silence. I am John, the Baptist A voice crying in the wilderness for the children of God. I bring water for your protection. But One comes with fire for your cleansing.

Again the man slam down his staff. Another man appeared. I am James, king of England a voice in the wilderness. Again he slam down his staff. But this time he says. I am man born in the wilderness.

The man starts to move forward slowly picking up speed until he is running straight at you. He drops his staff. Then he drop his robe. As he slowly picks up his walk to a run. His stature begins to grow. And his age begins to reverse. Now running to you is a giant with wings and armor. As he lifts off into oblivion you hear the words. I am Michael I watch over the wilderness. And in the back ground you hear another voice. I am Gabriel a messenger in the wilderness. Who stands in the presence of God.

If anyone can hear these words and understand. Let him shout it from the hilltop. He is coming. He has won. He’s alive for every more. He has risen. He is our KING. He is our Lord the creator of all things. He is the son of man. He is God made flesh.

In a blink, the night had turned to day. And I looked down from the hilltop and saw a man walking across the desert floor. I wonder for a moment. Then I felt a Good presents beside me. As I look. Even though I had never met them. I knew who it was.

On my right, it was the Beloved Disciple John. And on my left. It was the messenger of God, Gabriel. As Gabriel spoke to me in that Loving voice. I listened very closely to what He had to say.

It is time for the trials too be spoken of that our king went through. Will you walk the footsteps of your Saviour and give the report to the world. For the door is beginning to open and it is time for man to know.

I will my friend. I answer. John placed his hand on my shoulder. I will stay with you for awhile. Thank you my friend. But how will we get down. That’s when I felt the gentle hands of Gabriel slide under my arms and around my chest. I look at John and saw him smiling. Some day you will do this for yourself.  

As we lifted off I felt a wonderful peace, and light as a feather. So much I wanted to sore like an eagle. But I knew my time had not yet come.

As we landed. Gabriel gently let me down. Thats when I turn to him.

Thank you my friend. You have the same touch as my big little brother Michael. And I heard him reply as he lifted off. Thank you little brother. We had the same Teacher.

I look around to see John. But he too was gone. John” I’m here if you need me. I smiled and started on my walk.

The sun was hot overhead and sweat began to pour. My Saviour footsteps had been made clear for me to follow. We journey long into the desert before we took a break. It was late evening when we stop. The whole day had past and I had thought about nothing until now. Now that we stopped. The thirst for water had begun to grow strong in me. And this was only the first day. How could anybody do this? Then I heard a friendly voice. For Love” my friend. Are you ok”? Yes John. Thank you.

I watch Jesus as He curled up on the desert floor and used a stone for a pillow. All day long I have seen nothing but snakes, scorpion and cactus. And now I’m supposed to sleep with them. Once again John voice. Have Faith my friend. I’m right here.

Hearing John made me feel a little more comfortable. So I too pull up a stone and tried to sleep. When the sun hit my eyes the next morning. I jumped up and saw Jesus doing His morning prayers. I gave thanks for the day and ask to be strong on my walk. When I finished I looked up and saw Jesus starting His walk deeper into the desert.

I don’t know if the desert was playing tricks on me or what. But I started to hear voices. It sounded as if they were taunting Jesus. I looked ahead and saw Jesus stop for a moment. Then I saw Him raise His hands as I heard Him say. Thank You Father for your Blessing. For all, is for thy kingdom and Glory.

At that moment the voices all stop. And I saw Jesus smile and shake His head as He began to walk again.

We walk on and off for, what seemed like days? The heat was unbearable. The sweat poured like buckets of water off of us to start with. Then there was no more sweat to pour anymore. Again I began to think. How a man can put himself through this unbearable torment. 

I believe it has been about a week since we started our walk. I look ahead and I could see a person coming toward us with a smile on his face.Then I heard his first words.

Jesus my brother. You look tired and thirsty. Here let me get you some water. And put you in this shade over here.I quickly look around. But I could see no shade. Then I heard that eerie voice again.

Here’s a stone why don’t you turn it into bread and eat. I know you must be hungry.

Then I saw Jesus look into this persons face and say. Man does not live by bread alone. But by the every lasting Word of God. At that instant the person was gone. And then I knew who it was. satan had started his tricks.

Jesus arose and we started on our way once more. Each day at sun down Jesus would stop for His prays. And each morning when we arose Jesus would start His day with His prays.

As we walk alone. The warm wind would blow on our dried bodies. As I listen to the wind blow. It was as though I could hear a voice in the wind laughing and cursing at Jesus.

Days seem to go by very slowly. It seem another week had passed when I saw the person return.

Oh my dear brother. You look so exhausted. Let me get you some water. You know if you would just follow me. I would never treat you like this. I would give you the whole world as your playground. At that moment satan waved his hand into the hot wind. An allusion of golden cities seem to appear in the waves of heat. All this will I give you. Just come follow me, there is no reason you have to go through this.

Then I heard the Words of Jesus. Get thee behind me satan.

Ok, I know” you are little tired so I’ll go and let you rest for a moment. As he faded into the distant I could hear his evil laughter.

Then I saw Jesus raise His hand once again and say. Thank You Father for your Blessings.

Once again we started our walk deeper into the desert. The heat from the sun seem to get hotter. If that could be possible. There was nothing left in our bodies. Our energy was depleted. But the harder it became. The more Jesus prayed with a smile on His face to the Father.

I wonder why satan keep offering Jesus water when he never had none. I guess it was just his way of adding more torture to Jesus.

The days began to bleed into each other. Until I could no longer tell one from the next. I no longer know how long we’ve been here. Or how long we have to go. And I could not tell where we were at. Everything looked the same anymore. As far as I could see in any direction was desert. I knew I could not do this by myself. Now I knew why the Father had sent John along. It was to help me stay strong.

We walk many more days, I think. When I heard the voice’s in the hot wind. And I knew satan was going to give Jesus another visit. I had learned to tell when he was coming. The wind would get hotter. And the voices would start.

This time when he came he started mocking Jesus.

Tell me something. Why are you sitting out hear in all this heat? You are supposed to be the Son of God. Didn’t God say if you just bump your toe on a stone? You could call down a 1000 angels. Then why don’t you?

I could see satan setting there on what it looked like some sort of a throne. Eating grapes.

I could hear an evil laughter as he spoke to Jesus. I tell you what Jesus. Since you seem to be a little wingless. I’ll give you a little lift to a better place. How about it.

I watch as satan put his arms around Jesus battered body and lifted off. At that moment I felt an arm slid around my chest. As I turn to look. I could see it was John smiling as we lifted off to follow Jesus.  

We flew for a little while, then I found us landing on a tall temple. I could hear satan talking to Jesus.

If you truly are the Son of God. Then throw yourself down from here and prove it. It is written that the Father will send 2000 angels to your aid to protect you.

Jesus answered. It is also written. That you do not temp the Lord thy God… At that moment satan seem to be thrust backwards. No longer was he able to touch Jesus. The trials were over. This time it was not laughter on satan face but FEAR.

I heard John speak as he placed his hand on my shoulder. It’s time to go my friend. Already? Can’t I just follow Him to galilee to see Peter? I know how you feel my friend. I felt the same way on the island. When I was waiting to go Home.

Just remember. In the beginning there was a Whisper in the darkness. And the darkness was filled with Life.

In the end, brightness will fill the dim skies of the day. And death and emptiness will fill the earth.

As I raised my head. I saw that I was not back on my porch swing. But under an old oak tree at my favorite fishing hole. I felt the evening wind starting to blow a nice cool breeze, which felt so nice. When I heard a voice setting next to me.

I thought you might like a cool glass of water. Thank you my friend. I said as I drank down the cool glass of water. What more does a person need but a good fishing hole and a cool glass of water. I felt a tug on my fishing pole. And started to set my empty glass down. When I noticed it had been refilled. I smiled and looked over to my friend. But he was gone. I said to myself. I forgot to ask his name. Then I heard a kind voice. Jesus always calls me Peter… 


                                                                        Only Believe and watch Miracle come alive...


I had arose early this morning and decided to go fishing. I had packed my lunch fixed my coffee and grabbed my fishing pole. I just knew this was going to be a good day for a miracle. I was going to catch the big one.

But when I opened the door and stepped out. Everything was dark. And the floor was moving. So I tried to feel around until I found a place to sit down. The more I felt the more things came into focus. That’s when I could see that I was on a boat.

The boat was filled with people. Everyone seemed to be screaming and pointing out over the water.

As I turned my head to see if I could see what was going on. That’s when I saw Him walking on the water heading to the boat to join us. I turned back to look at the people on the boat in wonder, of why they were screaming. When I noticed a man had leaned over the side of the boat and was yelling something. It took me a moment. But then I understood what was going on. I was looking at Peter, yelling. And Jesus was walking to us on the water.

I heard Peter ask Jesus. If you are real let me come to you. Then I heard His reply. COME Peter. I watch as Peter step out onto the water. He smiled as he took his first step and reached out his arms. The boat was tossed as lightning struck and lit up the dark sky. Once again people on the boat start to yell and scream at Peter to get back on the boat. But Peter only smile and keep looking at Jesus. At that moment another bolt of lightning lit up the dark sky. Peter’s eyes was drawn to the sky this time. Peter turned back and reached for the boat. Being already too far out, Peter went down into the water. Everyone knew Peter had drowned as they focus on the water. Except for me I kept my eyes on my Friend. And watched as He reached down into the water and lifted him up.

Jesus held on to Peter until they were back in the boat safely. Then I heard Him say. Oh you of little faith.

Peter fell back into the boat against the others that all seem to be staring at Jesus.  

Jesus moved to the front of the boat where I had been sitting and sat down on the floor of the boat next to my seat. As He leaned back and closed His eyes. I did so want to just reach over and put my arms around Him. But I did not know what He wanted of me at this moment.

The next morning I felt a hand on my knee. I guess I must have lean my head over and fell asleep. When I saw the hand move from my knee. I looked up to see that Jesus was just arising from His rest. We had come into a cove on the other side of the lake and stopped. That’s when I could tell who I was riding with. It was the 12 Disciples. Plus Mary, Joanne and Suzanne.

As we left the boat and walked along the coast line. We came up over one hill heading inland. I could not believe my eyes as we top the hill. People as far as I could see. Not just men. But women and children to. I believe they said the count was around 5000 men plus their wives and children, for some. They had to be over 10 to 12,000 people there!

Mary, Suzanne and Joanne had went out to talk to some of the wives and mothers. When they returned to Jesus they told Him the mothers had said the children had not eaten and were hungry.

Jesus looked at the ladies and said. Then we will feed them. Mary replied but all we could find was two fish and five loaves of bread. Bring them to me. Jesus replied.

I saw there were two small baskets. One had two fish and the other had five loaves of bread. I watched as Jesus lifted the baskets and gave thanks to God. As He lowered the baskets you could see that they were over flowing with smoke fish and loaves of bread.

I watched as they passed out the food to everyone. And every time it seemed that the baskets was running out of food. It was full again. Until they had fed the last person. Then and only then, did the baskets go empty.

After everyone had sit and had their fill. All the left overs were pickup. Before Jesus started speaking to the people. When they had gather all the left overs they return twelve baskets full.

I also recall another feeding. When Jesus fed around four thousand men. There were seven baskets took up that day.

Jesus spend the rest of the day healing and speaking to the people about the Word of God. How little did they know, how truly close they were to the Word at this moment.

I watched for a moment. As their eyes open wide to the miracle of fish and bread before them. The smiles and laughter continue on for several moments as they began to eat and replenish their strength. It made me feel very good as I watched my Saviour at work. It was as though the world was no longer the world as we know it today. But a place of peace. As if I just touched a peace of Heaven.

I was lost in my Saviour presence for a moment, when I heard a voice behind me. As I turned to look. I saw that the voice truly matched the face. It was a strong voice, a Loving Heart and a Beautiful face. In my heart I knew that this was Matthew. Without thinking I just threw my arms around him.

It’s good to see you my friend. “And you as well. My friend”.

Have you come to get me? Yes”. There is still more for you to see”. I felt his hands slid under my arms and around my chest as we lifted off. After a while I saw that we were entering a small village. I could see that Jesus and his followers was already there. I watched as we landed and noticed. How Jesus was sitting and walking among the street people as He entered this building. At least that’s what we call them today.

Then I noticed these men carrying, what looked to be a bed. Across the roof tops. After a few moments I watched them gently lay the bed down on the roof top of the building where Jesus had entered. Then I saw them pick up axes and start chopping on the roof to make a hole.

By this time we were inside the building. But as full as it was in there, I don’t know how we got in. Within a few minutes the men were through the roof. And they were letting down the bed through the whole they had made. There was a young man on the bed and he didn’t seem to be able to walk.

The bed was slowly lowered down through the roof until it came to rest at the feet of Jesus. And I heard Him say. What does thou wish of me? I want to walk my Lord. Then walk! Take up thy bed and walk. Thy sins are forgiven.

As Jesus reach out His Hands to the young man to help him up, I heard a loud voice yell blasphemer. Then others started to yell, blasphemer. Until the young man rose to his feet and took up his bed. Then I heard silence. I truly believe you could have heard a pin drop that day.

I turned to Matthew with a question. Do they ever learn? “Only a few. And some of them will wait until the return. If they only knew the torment they will have to endure by waiting. Come it’s time for us to be on our way.

Matthew and I flew to where Jesus and His Disciples was passing near another small village. As we landed I saw a woman that was pushing and begging to get through to Jesus. I heard her say. Please” just let me touch Him. Finally with the help of others. She touched Him by reaching out as far as she could. Just before falling to the ground. The crowd moved in around her trying to get to Jesus making her invisible. Then I heard Him say. Who touch me..?

The Disciples answer. Master” with all these people around you and you want to know who touch you? Everyone! Again Jesus spoke the words. Who touch me? This time the people started to move until the woman was revealed.

Jesus turn back to the woman. And reached out to help her up. The woman looked up into Jesus face and said. I did, My Lord. And I heard Him say. It is thy Faith that has made thee whole. I saw the ladies come to help the woman as Jesus turned and walked through the crowd.

As Jesus moved along the roadway. He saw a funeral passing by. There was an older lady crying as she passed by. That’s when I saw Jesus stop the funeral and walk over to the dead young man. And I heard Him say. Arise young man your mother needs you. When the young man arose the woman’s tears turn to joy.

As she held her son, she looked at Jesus with great happiness. “Thank you My Lord”. I saw Jesus smile because of the happiness He had given to the woman.

As we walk along with Jesus and His followers. I felt Bless for this opportunity to make this walk. I don’t know how many days or miles we had walked. But I saw the blind see. The lame walk. I watched as evil spirits were cast out. I could hear them fight and beg not to be sent back into darkness.

After one day of speaking in the temple. A man name Jairus came to Jesus and ask if He would heal his only daughter. He told Jesus he was a man of authority to. He told Jesus if He would only speak the Words he knew she would be healed. While he was talking to Jesus a man came to let Jairus know his daughter had died. And not to bother the Master anymore. Jesus look at the Jairus and said, take me to your daughter.

As we made our way down through the streets we finally came to the man’s house. There was a crowd of people crying and wailing. Jairus told them that Jesus had come to heal his daughter. The crowd crying turn to laughter.

Then Jesus told Jairus to send everyone away from the house. After the house had quieted down. Jesus looked at him and told him not to worry his daughter was not dead but only sleeping.

Then I heard Him say. Arise my child. As the young girl arose she saw Jesus and smiled. Jesus turn to Jairus and told him to tell no one, but give her something to eat she is hungry.

We left a happy house that day and started back on the road. When we ran into a young lady coming to meet us with tears in her eyes.

Jesus asked her what was wrong. She told him my brother is dead. If you had only been there my Lord he would not have died. Jesus told her we must go. Take me to his tomb. But Master he has been dead some days now. Jesus replied again.We must go.

We walk for the best part of the day before we came to Lazarus tomb. Jesus told them to remove the stone that cover the tomb. I watched as they roll the stone away from the entrance and step back.

Then I heard Him say. LAZARUS, COME FORTH. Moments went bye and everyone looked at Jesus. That’s when I heard it, a shuffling and stumbling noise. Coming from the tomb. That when Lazarus made it to the door. Still wrapped in his burial clothes. I watched as his two sister’s rush to him to help remove the burial clothes.

But the rest of Jesus followers were down on their knees staring at Jesus. When I heard someone say. Even the dead obeys this Man.  

I saw people running and screaming into the nearby towns. “Jesus has raised the dead”. I watched as the sister’s unwrapped Lazarus head and face.

As his eyes open. The first person Lazarus saw was Jesus standing there with a smile on his face. I saw him walk to Jesus and put his arms around Him. Jesus then told his sisters to take him home and get him something to eat.

I knew this would not go unnoticed by the temple priest. This would be the straw, the beginning to the end. As we walk with Jesus I saw so many Miracles that I could not count them.

We had returned again to the boat because Jesus wanted to go across Lake Galilee to another town. When we arrived to the other side and docked on shore, two men come running with stones in their hands.

Cursing and yelling at us as if they were intended to kill us. But it was as though they froze in their tracks when they saw Jesus.

I could hear them as they talked to Jesus.

My God, thy son of David. Have you come to torments us? Please don’t send us back to the emptiness.

Jesus spoke. BE Silent..! The men stepped backwards and fell to the ground. What is your name? We are called Legion for we are many. What do you ask of me? Send us into that heard of swine. Jesus look at them and said. GO..!

I watched as the swine all ran off a nearby cliff into the water and drown.

Everyone helped the two men to clean up and gave them some clothes to wear, while the ladies made food for all of us.

I don’t believe the local swine herders like Jesus too much. They keep yelling for Him to go away from them. But instead they finally ran off and left us in peace for the night.

I thought through the night what was soon to come. And it made me sad. Matthew was sitting next to me and asked if I was ok. Yes” I just can’t go to the end with Him. I can’t bear that.

You won’t have too, my friend. Soon your work will be done here. Good” Now I can get some sleep.

The next morning we got up and started on our walk. When Jesus saw a fig tree in the distances and smiled as we approach it. The tree was blooming big and beautifully. But when we got to it there were no fig to be found. Just an empty tree with beautiful blooms. It made Jesus very unhappy to see that the tree mocked us this way. Jesus cursed the fig tree and we went our way.

We walk along. Passing through several villages. Many people gather through the villages to hear Jesus speak. As we walk along people cried out for Jesus to heal them of many different sicknesses. I watched as the blind called out for healing. I saw one blind man that Jesus just rub His thumbs across his eyes and he was healed. Another, He mix some mud and told him to go and wash his eyes at the river. Then another he placed his hand on his eyes. But when he moved them the man could not quite see clearly. So Jesus place His hands again and said. Be thou healed. And the man could see clearly.

I turn to Matthew after this last man and ask. Why the difference? “Did you hear what Jesus said to the first man, who eyes He healed? Yes” He said, Your Faith has set you free.

Well? So the last man knew Jesus could heal him. But he had his doubts. So Jesus attempted to heal him again. And when the man saw his eyes starting to clear. His doubts was removed.  

After that day we turned and headed back to the coast and the boat. Jesus wanted to once again head back across the Lake. As we neared the coast I noticed something. The Fig tree that had no figs when we passed it. Was dead.

I looked at Matthew. “Do you understand? “I think so”. You see”. People who are part of God family, know they can ask anything in God will and it shall be given. “So you’re saying”. If they don’t see it at the moment they ask. It because they have not reached the place where God has placed the answer for them. “That’s right. And sometimes God has to step in Himself and support the person Faith, so to help them.

You mean, just like he did with the blind man. “Exactly..!

When we reached the boat. I could see dark clouds were forming for a good rain. Peter pushed us and the boat off from shore before jumping in. I was thinking about the Miracles Jesus had done and wonder how I could write so much down in one book. That’s when Matthew told me. It’s not how much you write. It’s how clear you make it. Because only a true child of God will believe anyway. No matter If it be one Word or a million Words. It make no difference.

Is there anything I can say that might make a difference to someone? “Sorry to say” No. It’s up to the person own heart. To accept or deny the truth.

As the evening rolled in, Jesus had laid down next to the side of the boat and fallen asleep. I watch the clouds turn into a storm. Soon the winds started to pick up until the boat was being tossed enough that water was entering the boat. At that moment I could not believe my ears. The Disciples began to fear the storm and yell, Master shall we die.

I watched as Jesus arose and commanded the storm. “Peace, Be Still” The waters became quiet and the sky cleared. Jesus look at his friend’s in disappointment and asked. Where is thy Faith? Have you not seen for yourselves?

For the first time I could hear what the Disciples were thinking. “What manner of man is this? He walks on water, he raise the dead and He can command the very winds to stop blowing.

I said to myself. What one of us would not have asked the same question? Our Faith has grown so small. And instead of seeking the truth on our own. We look to petty mouth talkers to lead our way. And we don’t even ask ourselves, do they even know the way. 

Matthew placed his hand on my shoulder. It’s time to go” But Matthew we are in the middle of the lake.

“Should I start calling you Thomas? No,No” I’m ready. We were sitting at the front of the boat. When we got up and turned around to face the water. I turned back to have one last looked at Jesus. When I saw Him turn and look at me with a smile on His face. Then I knew I was ready to take on the whole Ocean.

“Ok my friend step off the boat and you will be home. I smiled put my right foot forward and lean into it.

At that moment. I felt myself begin to fall. All I could see was deep water in front of me. I close my eyes and waited. I knew what ever was to come I was in Jesus Hands.

Then while I was waiting to feel the water all around me. At that moment I heard my grandson voice.

Gramps” you Ok? I saw you head out to go fishing. So I grabbed my pole to join you. Is it alright?

Xander, you can join Gramps anytime you want. Why did you have your eyes closed Gramps? Oh well, I just stop to say a little Prayer to keep me safe in the water, I mean by the water.

As Xander took my hand. I felt something slid around my shoulders. When I looked over I saw it was Matthew walking with us to the fishing whole. As I looked at Matthew, I paused for a moment then ask. My return this time was somewhat different, why?

“What did you learn from it? All I can tell you is. I was a little shaken, but I knew you would get me home safely. “Yes, most Christian understand that. But the point I wanted you to pass on was. Our Prayers are not always answered the same. Sometimes they are outside our understanding. I just smiled and thought. Today is a great day for fishing…Thank You Lord… 


                                                               I know these words to be True.

God is- The Father, The Son(Jesus) and The Holy Spirit. These three are God yet three...

All the tithes are to go to help the Poor, the Hungry and the Homeless. By our own hands...

Our gain of riches is in helping those in need. To give Kindness, Love and Understanding. So that no person shall know loneliness.

The church begins with, Two or three people gather together. Not the building.

We will used the whole Bible as One Word. And not exploit one verse to be used as the whole Bible...

There is one God, One Bible(KJV) and One Way Home...

My greatest Pray is only to be a pencil in God Hands...


To the world you may be one person, But to that one person, you may be their world... Do not underestimate the value of yourself. For satan is already doing that for you..!

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