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                                                                                  Why do you fear the Truth...

                                                                                                    Lets set and talk 

Man is born into sin even as a young child. And filled with fear. So it is understandable why man wants to make it seem like there is no God. (Except for the one he builds himself) Because he is a coward. He cannot even stand up like a real man and admit he just wants to do his own thing. He feels the more he can get to follow his lead. The less likely it can be true about God. Bad news.! Even if you can get the entire world to follow you, it’s still True. Jesus Lives..!

Man has come up with so many reasons why God does not exist. Or that he does not exist the way that He Truly is. Others say that man wrote the Bible. Wrong again.

You see the Bible is made up of different writers over many thousands of years. Even man has a hard time dating that. They just came up with. BC.! For the Old Testament times. And now they even want to change that. But for the New Testament. We can somewhat pinpoint that, even with the help of science. Matthew was the first. In around 25 to 30 AD. Ending with Luke, around 120 AD.

 You see, man did not write the Bible. What some did was write down what they did, or was told by God to do in life. It was like keeping a diary. Others wrote down what Jesus did when He was here. In the way they saw it. Which was nice because you get four different views to see from. Some people say that’s just contradictory. But by giving us this contradictory. It give us more proof of the Truth.

Now the only different parts of the Bible than any of this, is, the very beginning and the ending. Which was given to man by Jesus Himself. The first part on Mount Sinai. The last part from the very throne room of Heaven itself.

Now man has tried everything to deny God. Even the buildings that they call churches has helped them. By specialize in only parts of the Bible and denying the rest. When will the church begin to see the Bible as a whole and not in part? When will the Church realize you Can Not divide God…?

Church will you be taking the road to Damascus..? Or will you return to the sea. To become a fisher of men.?

One last thing. I have asked some people about Jesus. They tell me they have never met the Man. It’s Ok. You Will..!  


God place us under 10 Commandments, Until Jesus came and place us under His Grace. Nothing more nothing less, did He ask of us...


                                                And when he was accused of the chief priests and elders, he answered nothing. 

                         Then said Pilate unto him, hearest thou not how many things they witness against thee?And he answered him to

                                                                                                     Never a Word;

Why did Jesus say nothing when He was being Interrogated.? Because He was trying to tell us something. Words mean nothing to people. They can only hear there own voice and see there own reflection. The truth is not in them...


                                                                                                    Upon this rock

And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.  

And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

(And Jesus said unto Peter. You are Peter, and upon this knowledge you have been given by my Father I will gather my people.)


                                                                                          What do we know about Faith..?

What do we know about Faith? Jesus said if we only had the Faith of a mustard seed we could move mountains. What did He mean by that? A Mustard seed is very small. So does that mean we just need a little Faith like? (Oh I believe He can heal me a little)

Or is it like! How about the lady with the blood disease. She knew if she could just touch Him she would be healed. Or how about Jairus. He knew that if Jesus just spoke the Words. His daughter would be healed. And then there is the men who lowered the bed with a man on it through the roof to set at Jesus feet. They knew if they could just get him to Jesus he would be healed.

So whose Faith was it? The man on the bed or the four men who carried the bed. Or both?

Now just taking these three. What or how do they set with Jesus statement? Oh yes’ let’s not forget about the fig tree. That can be a very important point.

So why did Jesus heal these peoples request at the very moment they asked? And why is it that sometimes when we ask, nothings seem to happen.

Then there was the blind man that took two times to heal. Even for Jesus. What about that?

Do you remember when the Disciple asked Jesus? Why do You speak in parables? Because only (the Christian) will understand the True Word of God. Because it is not for the unbeliever.

There is one more. There was a lame man at the city gates who always beg for money. He had been lame since birth. And he was healed the very moment he ask for money. He did not ask for healing.

The question was also asked about the man that was lame. Was it because of his sins or the sins of his parents? The answer was neither!  

So what does all this mean? Why some and not the others. Or why then and not now?

When Jesus was here He had a very short time of 3 years to get people to know why He had come and what for. It started before Him with John the Baptist. And continue after Him with His Disciples. And now us.

All these healings in the different ways was done for the glory of God. And all these people were healed because they knew they would be. Without Question! The blind man that took two time to heal, had some doubt.

The lame man that was lame from birth. Was to show God Glory that is to be given to us all. And it was made known and clear that it was not about anyone who had sin, that cause his lameness.

Now let’s look at the fig tree. When Jesus cursed the tree. That was the end of the tree. It was not given no more support from the soil, the water, or anything around it. Because of it deceits.

The fig tree in some ways is just like a man. Right now we are being supported by God in many ways. And we don’t even realize it. And once that support is removed. We to will die!

Now there are some who ask for healing and nothing happen. Why? Because something we have not reach the place in time where our answer to our Prays is at. Just as the fig tree was no more, at that very moment that it was cursed by Jesus. So is our Prays, given to us at that very moment that we ask. But we could not see the roots of the tree, had stop getting what it needed to keep growing. Neither can we always see the answer to our Prays that has started to grow.

And then to, sometimes the answer to our Pray is just waiting on us in Heaven. Because what we are going through is needed to show the Glory of God to others. So the point is, God has chosen you to show others His Glory. You have become a chosen vessel for God.

Jesus is just saying. If you just trust and keep your eyes on me. All that water, all those waves, all that thunder and lighting. Will be no more than a solid road under your feet. Is it easy, no! But was it easy for Jesus to lay there and let someone who He created put nails in His hand and feet for you..?


Truth is an invisible veil that exists right in front of us. We can't see it, but some of us know its there. But the only ones that can penetrate this veil is the one's that knows it's there. And wants the Truth more than anything. These are the only ones who have the capability to reach through the veil and take hold of the Hand of Truth...


You are your only enemy. If it be Good or bad it resides in your capable hands for what you choose to reside in you. It is of your on creation. It matters none if it be darkness or of the Goodness you wish to share with others. You and you alone have chosen to crate this in yourself.

Satan is only an outside deceiver for now, who tries to influence your mind. And along with our fleshly veil, that was given to us so that we would not be influence by the Truth itself.

We can and do choose our own path of Goodness or darkness. But in us is a denial to understand that darkness cannot exist with the Light. No matter who you choose to blame when you come face to face with death, or point the finger at. If it be God or someone else. You are still a single person, an independent being. Who is accountable for your own self. You will be all alone at the end of your path to face death. So when your Journey has ended and death stares you in the face. Whatever You! and You alone have chosen to follow. This is where by your own hand, You have place yourself to reside.

So the next time a preacher tell you God will make you rich and beautiful, ask yourself this. Why did Jesus say it is impossible for a rich man to get into Heaven..? Or the next time you are sitting on a church bench just to warm it. Ask yourself. What am I really here for..?

Do I know what waits for me on the other side..? 


In the beginning God said, let there be light. It's funny, everyone agree on this. But when Gabriel said. This Day in the city of David a Saviour is Born. Which is Christ the Lord.! With Him a multitude of Angels saying Glory to God, Peace on earth, Good will toward man. This makes it perfectly clear, that God's Grace had finally come to ALL mankind. (this Day) Yes' God's Son' The Grace of God, Our Saviour. Had come into the world. This was the beginning footsteps of Grace, Our Saviour. And each step He took was to show us the way. Some say it was when they crucified Him that Grace came into being. No' That was the final seal on Grace. His sacrifice for all mankind. So we no longer needed to be sacrificed. Then when He finish with us. He descended down to the Spirits in prison. And gave them the same Hope He gave us.

If you do not believe this, then you do not believe in Baptism or Prayer... Because before Jesus started His walk with His Disciples. He had to be Baptized by His cousin, John the Baptist. Because Baptism is apart of Grace. And just take a look at John the Baptist. A man beyond His time. He was cutting a path through the wilderness of Grace. Preparing a path for Jesus to step out on too. This path had been talked about for thousands of years. And now it was here. This is not about a certain place in time, a beginning or an ending. This is about a place in our Hearts. Now understand this. The only people even effected by the law was the Jewish people. The rest of us were godless people. When Gabriel first spoke to Mary. The final stage for All mankind was put into motion. Then later when one of His Disciples ask. Lord teach us to Pray. And He did. And all this was before the Crucifixion. So now you have thrown out Prayer and Baptism..? Oh' I'm forgetting, Please forgive me. JESUS entire Walk and Life was before the crucifixion. Even the crucifixion was before His death. And He came to be the ultimate sacrifice for us. And some of you want to claim all this was under the law and not Grace. Can You Hear the WORDS coming out of God's Mouth. This was the Fulfillment of the law... While Placing us under Grace..! Religion has use the word (under) so much, they don't know what the True Word even says.!

Please Stop your false religion and Read the New Testament Word for Word for yourselves. Its all there. And stop your henpecking..!


He first Spoke in the darkness. Then He spoke by the light of the fire. Then He spoke to man on the mountain. Then He spoke through man. Now He speaks to You... Are You Listening..?

The Bible has made it clear what day it is. And God has Commanded it and made it Holy. To keep the Sabbath day Holy. Any group/church that honors sunday as the Sabbath for their day of Worship and to keep it Holy. Is still choosing to be under the authority of the Occult leader Constantine the great of 321AD..!   

Come O Blessed Holy Spirit of knowledge and comfort and grant me that I may perceive the will of the Father. Show me the nothingness of earthly things, that I may realize their vanity. For time is but a thread woven only for a moment...


At the beginning, we were there. We were with Mary and Joseph in the stables. We were with Peter in his boat. We were with Matthew as he collected taxes. We were with Paul when Jesus knocked him down on the road. And we were with John on the island as he wrote the final Revelation.

How were we there? Because God was made Flesh. And we are Flesh of His Flesh. As He suffered. We will suffer. As He Died. We will die. As He rose. We also will rise. We are to remind ourselves each time we take communion. To eat of His Flesh and drink of His Blood.

For there is only one belief. That is' That Jesus gave us life through His Death. And Jesus said to Love one another and You will know them by their Works. Nothing else matters. For when a Christian speaks. He does it with his Works...


There is only One pathway to Heaven. And sometimes I feel people have forgot the only True way to Heaven. No man can get you into Heaven. No amount of money can get you into Heaven. No good deed can get you into Heaven. Only One can get you into Heaven. And that name is Jesus..! He is the speaking part of God. Known as the Word. The Creater of the Heaven's and the earth. The only Son of God the Father..!

I'm sitting here trying to help You. Trying to get you to see the Truth. I have no big church building for you to fill up. I'm not sitting here with a hand of greed out for you to fill. I have nothing to gain and I am getting nothing from this. Except the Blessing of seeing your eye's open for the first time... If you feel or think that I am wrong, Please show me..?


The question' Do you Believe in God.? That alone is loaded.! Most will say yes. That means they don't get it.!

When someone ask me. Do you Believe in God? I tell them No.! Because I KNOW HE LIVES..! I KNOW..! I have been face to face with the facts. 

If you don't want to Know Him, because you don't want anything to do with Him, that's your choice. But quit your whining and grow up. And the rest of you, If you want to set there and just Believe in the man/woman at the front of the church, go for it. But haven't you had enough yet. When will you stand up and say, I REALLY WANT to KNOW JESUS for MYSELF...

As Jesus told His Disciples, How long must I be with you. But I ask, How long must Jesus wait on us..? 


It is asked. When a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? No' Because no one is there to hear it. So I ask. If a child cries in the night from hunger, from cold, from being homeless. Does it make a sound? Yes' even though the church no longer listens... How many childern of all ages must go hungry, cold and homeless. Before you realize You are the Church...  

Act: 28:26 - Saying, go unto this people, and say. Hearing yea shall hear, and not understand. And seeing, yea shall see and not Perceive... 27 - For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their Ears are dull of hearing: And their Eyes have they Closed: Lest they should See with their Eyes, and hear with their Ears: And understand with their Heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them... 

Ezekiel 12:2 - Son of Man, thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see and see Not: They have ears to hear and hear Not: For they are a Rebellious house...


Once again I take pin in hand to try and get through to the religious mind. Because that's where I find it, In the mind. In satan play ground. I of all people know how hard it is to break through that wall of blindness. But it can be done. I fear that religion has become no more then a stage and the people are merely actor's performing for the world around them. At what point in time shall we put away ourselves and take up the only true job Jesus gave us to do...   


III John 1:4  I have no greater Joy then to hear that my childern walk in Truth... 5: Beloved, thou doest Faithfully whatsoever thou doest to the Brethren, and to strangers...  


                                                 The Bible has never been about hate and never will...                                                                                                 ----    

                                           As it is said: If you do not wish to hear the Truth, ask me Nothing...


                      James: 1:22... But be ye doers of the Word, and not hears only, Deceiving your own selves...


Titus: 1:16... They profess that they know God. But in their works they deny Him. Being abominable and disobedient. And unto every Good work (unworthy/unacceptable) reprobate... 















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