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                                                                                     Heaven is not Disney world..!   

Many people talk about Heaven like it is some kind of Disney Park and we have super powers. This is not the case. The Bible speaks of three Heavens. There is one religion that says there is three levels of Heaven. No” that just shows you how childish and incomplete man’s religion is. When someone tells me this, I know they have never read Genesis or the New Testament for themselves. It is all right there. Very clear and simple. For someone who Want! to read and Know! it for themselves.!   

There is three places called heaven. Most people have been to the first Heaven. Only a hand full have been to the second Heaven. But most of us want to go to the one true Heaven. That’s Home.

Heaven is a place of wonders and beauty. Why? because it’s untouched by the ugliness of man’s selfishness. And it’s watched over by the only Holy being there is, Our God and Father.

Heaven’s streets are made of transparent gold. The skies are filled with rainbows. The grass is the green of emerald stones. That runs along beside the cool streams. It is a world that is filled with people and animals alike. That live together in peace. And we will never again feel the pain of old age or sickness.

We will have the capability to run the streets of gold or fly through the sky of rainbows. And the very first person you will meet when you get Home is Jesus. He is waiting for us all.

If you feel the urge of thirst, you just kneel down and dip your hands in the stream of living water that flows from the very throne of God. And when you hunger. Well I’ve heard that the Father sets a mighty fine table.

For every word I have written. It has been with tears. For I cannot understand why someone would sell their soul for ugliness and pain. When something this magnificent is right at your fingertips..?    

                                                                                                     The True Christmas

What is the true Christmas? What was the first Christmas meaning? Well let’s take the first Christmas as a pattern. What happen..? A carpenter and his soon to be wife, who was expecting. Had to leave their home and travel some ways for tax reasons. To get to his home town.

By the time they arrived. The town was already over flowing with people. And there was nowhere to stay. Until someone had pity on them and gave them their stable to sleep in.

Now at this time Mary gave birth to our Saviour. Then laid Him in the only place they had, a feed trough. Then had to tear up strips of cloth to have something to wrap Him in. For they had no blanket to do so.

After this along came all the shepherds from the nearby fields who had been informed of the Saviour birth. To see and worship the new born Saviour. Then some time later within a two year period, three rich wise men came bearing gifts. And to worship the new born Saviour.

Now if this is the pattern we are to honor. Then it is telling us that the rich are to seek out the poor and needy at this time of the year and give gifts to them. That they may live a better life than they have. And you can read for yourself the gifts were not given on the night Jesus was born. But within the first two years of His life. For they were already in a house when they received the wise men. And Herod killed all the children up to two years of age to make sure he got the right one. So Jesus had to be a year plus old at the arrival of the wise men.

So if this is our pattern that we are supposed to follow, then tell me, what do you do at Christmas to honor the pattern Jesus left for us..?

                                                                                            Being Christian 

Being a Christian is simple. And it helps save marriages and cuts down on headaches. But seeing through the veil of sin is difficult. Most people complain about Christians because of false religions. Which basically is just lying for their own attention and benefit.

But if you are here seeking the Truth. I will tell you what its like serving God. Its like waking up from a dream. And seeing everything for the first time. It has been made all new and beautiful just for you. And inside there is a new feeling that tells you, its ok' when this is over your going Home. To a place of Peace and Happiness. And the first face you will see is Jesus..! With open arms welcoming you Home. Does this mean the world will stop being chaos. No' But sometimes instead of wanting to cry or curse someone or something. You will just laugh at how silly it really is...

Becoming a Christian is even easier. Its that first walk afterwards that is hard, why.? Everyone you know won't look at you the same and won't believe you.(to start with) And you will start seeing them in a different light. Then satan will start using them and everything around you against you. But if you stand your ground you will have a shield that will protect you Spiritually. Not all makes it. As Jesus said with the telling of the sower of the seeds. But if in your Heart this is what you Truly want, then Nothing can stop You, except yourself... So how do I become a Christian. That the easiest part of all. Just call on the Name of Jesus and He will be there... Read Romans chap10: 9&10 Just confess and Believe in your Heart that Jesus was raised by the Father from the dead. And be not ashamed. And you WILL be Saved... Being Christian is as simple as the words Jesus spoke to Mary Magdalene. Go and sin No more..! If you have chosen to be a Christian. Then let me, your new friend and brother welcome you to the Family. And do not forget to be Baptize of water. 

Thank you Father for bring my new Brother and Sister into the Family...


Jesus ask's... Am I part of your life recipe..? Or am I part of your Soul..? I am standing at the Door waiting for my Father's Word to open it. Will you be waiting on the other side for me. Or will you be taking another road..?

To contact please use the following email:  :I will try to answer any Question I can for as long as I can...

                                                                                              A simple Pray

Merciful Father I have squander my days with plans of many things. This was not among them. But at this moment, I ask only to live the next moments of my life Well.

For all I have thought, and have not thought...

For all I have said, and have not said...

For all I have done, and have not done...

I Pray the Father, For Forgiveness...

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