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                                                                 A Voice In the Wilderness...

           Someone asked David, This is Goliath your facing, when will you come to your 
           senses? As the rock flung from his slingshot, I heard David answer...
                                               When will You..?

           It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible reading people."
           Horace Greeley, 1852... Founder and editor of the New-York Tribune

     Psalm 12: 6 The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of                            earth, purified seven times.  
                                            King James Fact’s

The King James Bible is one that has been soaked in blood and tried by fire. Many died to get the English bible to us. Most all were burned at the stake. On April 4, 1519 six working men and one woman was burned at the stake for just teaching their children the Lords Prayer in English.

This was the first step of the King James Bible thousand mile journey. Starting in 1374 with John Wycliffe.
He started writing by hand the first English Bible from Latin to English. Taking 10 months to complete just one copy. And every one that was found was burned. But today there is still 170 copies left.

The printing press was born in 1407 and a law was passed banning the translation of bibles into English. The 100 years following, saw the Greek language starting to move west.

Their were many people that filled the prisons in those days and one by one they were taken out to be chained and burned at the stake in a place called Smith field.
John Lambert was one of those men who was burned at the stake. And as the fire rose about his head and the flames shot from his raised hands, the people could hear him say. None but Christ, None but Christ.

All these people had to die so you and I could have an English Bible. Can you help but see these people following in the footsteps of Jesus. Just so we could have the freedom to read and understand the Bible for ourselves.

Around 1517 a man name William Tindall saw how the Greek New Testament was helping to change the professors of the time. He thought if this was helping to change the teachers, then what would an English bible do for the working man.

In an argument one day, Tindall said, If God would give him the strength he would make the young boy who pushes the plow know more about the Bible than the Pope himself.

Tindall went to London to speak with the bishop to get permission to translate the bible into English, but was denied. So he left Britain and met with Marten Luther over on the continent where they became friends.

Tindall finished the translation and started on the hard road to getting it published. At that point a bounty was placed on his head, but In Dec 1525 his work was finished and the bible was published.

Then Tindall started by get them smuggled into England in bags of flour. But in 1535 William Tindall was betrayed by a friend and captured. And in 1536 he too was burned at the stake. William Tindall's last words were, 'Lord Open the eyes of the king of England'. 

Tindall had also started the translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew into English. A friend of Tindall's name John Rogers picked up and finished the work of translating the Old Testament. Then with the help of the archbishop it finally was published in 1539. It was called the Great Bible.

But they over whelmed it with too many foot notes. Still trying to confuse it’s understanding. But the English Bible had finally come to the last leg of its journey.

In 1604 King James picked up the tasks of completing the English bible. 'The King James Version'. Not only did the English Bible have its trials along the way, but King James had his own road filled with trials too.

First of all, he was taken from his mother as a boy. Because of religion and to be raised and trained as a king. He started out with 30 years of bible studying behind him, Before being chosen to be king of England.

When he became king, the bishops felt it would be easy to ride shot over him being he was new to the English throne.

They soon found out that would not be the case. He was truly a king to get the job done. When the bishops of the Church of England and the puritans approached him. He quickly put them in their place, and placed on their shoulders the beginning of the King James Bible.

Along with choosing Richard Bancroft. Who in return chose 3 men from Oxford, West Minister and Cambridge Universities. Then chose 2 groups and divided them into 3 groups with 6 committees. Which came from all 3 universities.

When they had finished the work it was passed down to two men. Then passed back to Richard Bancroft. Who when completed his approval passed it back to King James to sign off on before publishing in 1611.

It took 3 Universities, 50 to 60 men, all translations at the time. Including the original Greek and Hebrew. Then took over 7 years to complete this task. Then took another 50 years to travel around the world.

It took 237 years to complete the King James Bible and it has been tried by fire and washed in blood more than once.

Now once again we are turning our backs on this true hard earned Word. That was first started when it was handed to Moses by Jesus Himself on the mountain. Then placing it on a new path in 1374 to make sure every Word was right. So that we could have full understanding of what He truly wanted us to know. And now they are doing it again just like the Church of England did then. Changing the words and trying to hide the meaning.

The other day I was sitting in a Church listening to a preacher do his talk. When I noted something was wrong.

The book he was talking out of, That which he called a bible, Had left out the words, Christ and Grace!

Since it was Christ who came to shed His Blood for our sins and we are Saved by Grace. Why would anybody with their right Soul drop these Words.?

But you should not feel hard at them. For I know this has been going on since the 1800’s. People has not only been changing the Words of the Bible, but even writing their own bibles and calling themselves gods. 

Should you be angry with them? No! We need to Pray for them and have Hope that their eyes will clear before it’s to late…

Now many people have been taught that King James was not a good man or king. It has always been left to the victors to write the story of history.

The leaders of England as well as the Church was not very happy with King James firm hand to get things done the right way in those days. At one point an attempt was even made on his life.

So when he died shortly after the publishing of the English Bible. They made waste of his name. If you have any doubt of this, just try and find his grave among all the other king and queen’s…

The fruit, that you half to reach for, is much better than the ones that falls at your feet…

May God Truly Bless and keep you in the True…

Man must realize, God cannot be learned through the mind. But must be felt through the Heart…



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