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                                           The roots of a Tree must grow very deep if one is too find Peace among its Branches...


When Jesus first established the earth. He placed a solid foundation of goodness and beauty. Man rejected it and replaced it with deceit and death. But at that very moment before time itself. We lived in peace. 

It was like a magnificent tree being planted with roots growing deep into our hearts. But also deep into the heart of the very earth we would call home. The trunk was big round and solid. It grew tall towards the sky. It was unshakable by anything, except for man.

I was talking the other day with someone when they started to tell me how it was with Christians. I tried to explain that what he was saying was not so and if he would just try reading the Bible he would understand. A short time later he got back to me with a lot of Bible scriptures, showing me what he said was right. And when I told him he was not reading the whole Truth, he told me I was wrong and if I did not believe what he was saying I was insane!

Until that moment I did not believe a person could read the Bible and not see the truth. But now it all makes sense. People have been hen pecking the Bible for so long, and reading from books inspired by man, that they don't understand the true Bible anymore.

Why have we let it come to this, I asked myself? But it is simple. It starts with power, then greed and then, where ever the flesh wants to take you.!

Maybe the man was right. Everyone is going insane.! Remember what the Bible says. satan can appear as the light of the world. And if his light is religion then we are truly following his light straight into darkness. Which means we have become just another thought in the mind of darkness.

This brings to mind a scripture where a man was sitting alone and reading his bible. When a Christian came along and asked. Do you understand what you are reading? He answered. How can I, when I have no truth to guide me...

I have found that mankind wants to cause you pain and humility if you do not quit believing. Our colleges and universities have begun to teach fiction for Fact. They say they have the formula for mankind existence. Every scientist knows if you are creating an experiment and leave out just one part of the formula, the whole experiment will fail.! Yes' mankind is being setup to Fail..! And religion wants to twist your mind around to believe the way they want you to. Or you have no place with them.

How many True Christians have been cast out to fend for themselves in this world of darkness.

But I tell you this my friends.! I am just another voice crying in the wilderness. Hoping to light a candle so that you know you are not alone out here... Please allow me to give you one warning.  Know this that the spirit of the antichrist is already in the world.!



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