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                                  A Servants Dream

It was a cool evening as I sat in my rocker by the fire place reading the Good Book. The rain fell quietly outside as it gently hit the tin roof of the house.

I stopped my reading for a moment to pray. As I raised my head I found myself in the Sprit and in total darkness. It was so dark I could not even see my hand in front of my face. For a moment I felt afraid. Then I felt as if someone had touched me, I became completely at peace. And with my cane in hand I kneeled down to pray.

Just then I could see a door opening. It seemed to be a little ways down in front of me.

When the door opened I could see the room was filled with the purest white light I had ever seen. At that moment I saw a Man step through the door and the door closed behind him. Yet’ I could still see him. In all this darkness I could still see him. It was as if the darkness had no effect on him.

I watched him walk over to the center of the darkness, if there was a center. Then he turned and looked at me. He smiled and placed his finger to his lips as if to say, sit quietly. I could not believe it. I cannot see my own hand in front of my face and this darkness is absolute. But yet he can see me.

I then saw him turn back and look into the darkness. If that is possible. I saw Him raise his hands and I could hear him say. Let there be life giving waters in the Heaven.

And I saw a large body of water coming together. Where it came from, I do not know. I looked over at the water in amazement. And as I turned back to look at the man I could see him approaching me with an out stretched hand for me to take.

I used my Cane to help me rise as I reached out for Him with my other hand. I felt his hand take mine to help me up, As I looked into his face. I arose now knowing who it was. Then I knew anything was possible. I felt a little frighten at first, but that soon passed. Seeing the smile on His Beautiful face at that moment I felt a wave of joy come over me.

We started walking towards the water and the closer we got the bigger it became. At one moment we were walking to the water and the next we were walking on the water.

I looked down and somehow I could see through the mist into the water as we walked. It was so pure and clear it was in its own way very beautiful.

As we walked along, again I heard him say. Let there be light on the face of the waters then he turned to me and smiled. Then I heard him say. Let the light be divided from the dark upon the water. Then he turned to me and said. The light shall be called day and the dark shall be called night.

That's when I began to notice something. Even though we had been quietly walking on the water. All around us things were starting to change and move. As if Time itself was starting up.

For we had moved through the light, through the dark, and back into the light. But we had not moved.

Time was being measured in minutes then hours then a day. But to us it seemed as if only a moment had passed. Then I heard him say.

Let there be a Sky in the mist of the waters. And then I saw all the mist above the deep water rise up and began to form a circle of clouds in the sky above the deep water.

Then I saw him turn to me, and said. That which is above us, will be called Heaven. Again I saw us move through the light and darkness and back into the light.

Then I heard him say. Let the waters gather together and bring forth dry land. At that moment, I saw the water starting to rotate and form around a large selection of mountains and land.

I could no longer see forever across the waters. Because now when I looked out across the water, I could see darkness beyond the sky. Then it felt as if the water was rising below my very feet. But when I looked down I could no longer see water but land pushing us up above the water. Then I heard him say.

Let the land bring forth grass and fruit trees. And let them bear seeds to replenish themselves.

Then I saw a mist began to fall from the sky, so to water the whole earth. Then I noticed the plants and the trees began to grow.

And I heard him say. The dry land shall be called Earth and the waters shall be called Seas.

And I watched as the land turned green. And the trees sprung up and stretched forth their branches to the Sky.

At this point, I knew the days and nights had been numbered. For I knew the amount of Time that had passed, was only days. And yet we had not moved.

Then I heard him say. Let there be lights in the sky. To divide the day from the night. Let them also show sign of the season and to create days and years.

Then I saw him reach down on the earth and pick up a hand full of dirt. I watched as He formed it into a round ball. Then at that moment I saw him toss it into the heaven.

Again I watched him as he began to form something in his hands. It looked to be a ball of fire. Again he tossed it into the heaven.

He then pointed to the heaven as he looked at me. The sun for the days and the moon to watch over the nights.

Again He took me by the hand and we walked out from the land and Out from the sea and back into the darkness.

As we stood somewhere in the darkness of the Heaven. I saw him rise His closed hand to me. As I looked down He gently opened His hand and showed me a small circle of light He was holding.

I looked up at him and smiled. He turned and toss the small circle of light out into the darkness of the heaven.

It was like a big burst of fireworks just went off. Now all around us were planets, moons and stars. The Universe had just come alive right before my eyes. It happened so quickly if I had blinked my eyes, I would have missed it.

Then I saw Him pick out several planets and turn back to the earth. He then took and placed them in line with the earth.

Then I saw him create a circular motion with his hand. And the universe began to move. The earth started spinning and the moon and the plants begun to rotate around the sun.

Then I saw what it seemed to be a gathering of large rocks around the outer edge of the last plant that was in line with the earth. And the ball of Fire that he placed in the heaven was in the center of this little Solar system and not only was it swinging the planets in a circle, But it seemed to be putting off some sort of a wave reaction to the outer rocks that circled this little Solar system. And yet this circle of outer rocks somehow reminded me of a rubber band stretched tight.

As if he wanted to protect this little Solar system which was part of this small galaxy in such a big Universe. Or was it the Universe he wanted to protect from this little Solar system?

I turned and looked out over the universe and I could see worlds on top of worlds. Constantly moving outward, being stretch by His wonderful hand. And between the worlds I could see something in the darkness.

They looked like clouds of colored rainbows. But without the rain.

Then I thought how simple the universe looks when you’re standing in it. It reminds me of a big house full of rooms.

Again I felt His hand slide into mine. And as I turned to look at him I saw him smile.

We then turned and walked back across the darkness and onto the open Seas of the Earth. As we stopped, I took a moment to look around at the beautiful clear water of the open Seas. Then I saw him bend down and move his hand through the clear water as he spoke. The waters came alive being filled with life. I could see all the creatures in the Sea both big and small swimming beneath us.

I looked up to ask him something and noticed he had left me and was walking to the shore. At that moment a big whale came by and slowly lifted his nose up between my legs. Until I was setting upon him. Forward we went slowly through the waters. As we passed Him I waved and smiled. For the first time I heard him laugh. It was like a Beautiful sound of Pureness, If that makes any sense.

The whale let me off at the shore and seem to smile as he eased back into the water. I was still smiling as He walked up on to the shore.

Once again taking me by the hand. He led me to the top of a tall Mountain. Where I saw Him take a hand full of sand from the Earth and toss it into the air. The Sky came alive with Birds of all colors and sizes. For a moment there, Joseph came to mind with his coat of many colors.

Again He took my hand. Time and space seemed to be moving around us very quickly. Or should I say, day and night. For it was now the fifth day. As we walked out into an open field. I watched as He bent down and began to speak and swirl his hand into the soil of the Earth. The field started to come alive with animals of all kinds.

From bugs to giants. But time and space, day and night, continue to move very fast around us. I watched the great Dinosaurs of all kinds rise up from the Earth.

I turned to look at him in surprise. He smiled and answered without me saying a word. I am not here just for today but also for tomorrow. I thought to myself how could we really do without cars. Hearing my hearts thoughts. He turned to me and said. Noah will also need someone to move the big trees to the Ark.

His Words amazed me. For each thing He did today was because He seen tomorrows needs.

Then I noticed the Earth was slowing down and we were walking again. As we walked high out across the Earth. I could see how beautiful it looked. As if He had just planted a garden and was giving it all to me and you.

We stopped at this beautiful field of flowers and trees. Then He stepped away from me and bent down. I could hear Him speak as he began to take his time sculpting something. I watched as he bent over and could hear Him breathe deeply. Then he stood up and extend his hands. Out of curiosity I eased around him to see what he was doing.

It was a man standing to his feet. He took his hand and looked back at me. As if to say, follow. I followed along behind as we walked high out across the Earth again.

As to show the man what He had made for him. I could hear Him telling the man. All this have I made for you. Take good care of it and it will prosper for you.

I listened as we stopped right back where we started from. I heard him send the man forth to take care of the land and to name all the animals.

Then He stopped the man. And then I heard my first warning. All that you see is yours to eat. Except for the tree of knowledge. Eating of this tree will bring death upon you.

Then I saw it. But I had not noticed it before. It was a tree in the middle of the field. It was filled with fruit so beautiful in its own way just to look at it made your mouth water. But then I noticed, there was another tree in the mist of the Garden.

It was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen. The fruit almost glowed with a pure white light of goodness.

Then when he had sent the man forward. Again he turned and took my hand.

The Earth and time once again started moving by quickly as we watched the man call each animal to him and name them. When the man had finished naming all the animals, You could see a sadness that had come over him.

I thought to myself, the man has everything. What more could he possible want. Then I understood.

It has taken him sometime to name all the animals, both male and female. But he is the only one of his kind and has no one to share this beautiful garden with.

I felt the tears run down my cheeks for him as I thought of my own wife long pass. Once again I saw everything stop.

I watch as the Lord walked over to the man and took him by the hand. He placed His other hand under the man's head and laid him down gently on the ground. I could see the man had fallen asleep. I watched quietly, as He slowly open the man side. He took his finger and ran it along one of his ribs. As I continued to watch I saw Him so gently reach in and remove his rib. Then with His two fingers, one on each side of the womb. He slowly ran back along the opening in the man’s side and I watch as the womb slowly closed up as if it never was.

He then placed the man rib on the ground alongside him. I watched as He started to mold the rib into a female shape. Then I heard him take a deep breath and blow softly into her, until her eyes open.

I thought to myself. What a wonderful blessing for her. The first sight she gets to see is my Lord's Beautiful face. I watched Him smile as he stepped away. She arose, went over to the man and sat beside him.

She so gently began to caress his face until his eyes open. I saw him smile, as he placed his hand on the side of her face. Then I could hear him say.

You were made from the rib in the man side. So you shall be called woman. You were born from part of me. So you shall rejoin me, as my friend, my partner and my wife. We will journey through this garden of life together. Helping, supporting and holding up each other along the way. Continually replenishing the Earth with the fruits of our flesh. And watching our fruits join together and continuing the path.

I watched the man arise, take the woman by her hand and placed her at his side to show his Love and understanding of her. I then saw the woman place both of her hands in the man hand. To show her willingness of Love to follow his lead.

I looked at the Lord and asked if we could stroll through the garden for a little while. He smile and nodded His head.

As we began walking through the garden. Time seemed to pass for everything except for us. The beauty of the garden was indescribable. And the laughter from (Adam and Eve) who I now know to be. Was like a beautiful sound of music that filled the air.

I had no worries of time as we walked. Only joy, until we came in view of the tree of knowledge. As I looked across the field. I could see Adam and Eve standing next to it talking to someone. I wondered to myself who could they be talking too? There is no one else here or even allowed here. This garden belongs to the man and to the man alone. And it’s protected by His Loving Hands.

I slowly eased closer until I could see who it was. Then I saw it, setting in the tree knowledge. It was a snake. Talking!

Then I realized he had allowed the evil one to use him. That was the only way he could get into the garden. I knew I was too old. But in my heart I felt I had to try and stop him. I raised my Cane and tried to run. But I tripped along the way.

I raised my head just in time to see Eve pick the fruit. I yelled at Adam to stop her but he just stood there watching.

At that moment I felt the gentle Hand of the Lord helping me up. He looked into my eyes and with a soft voice, I heard Him say.

Even with a heart as big as yours. You cannot change man right to free will. Everyone must choose their own way.

I asked. But why didn’t Adam stop her? He in charge.

He wanted to know too, but this way he felt he did not have to take the responsibility on himself. There is always a good excuse for doing the wrong thing.

I bowed my head as I cried for their pain. I knew what they would soon be going through. I felt the Lord lifted me up as I cried. The tears fell upon his chest as He held me.

He said, come we have one more thing to do. Once again I felt his Loving hand slide into mine as we started to walk high out over the Earth and back into the darkness of the universe. We continued until we came to the outer edge of the Solar system.

As we turned around he gently let go of my hand. I watched as he began to form a clear ball of something in His hands. I asked, Lord what is that? At that moment I saw the Earth began to shake. It frighten me. I grabbed for his arm and stepped closer to Him. He placed His hand on mine and said, Its Ok.

I asked Him, Lord what could make the whole Earth shake?  The fall of man! He answered.

His answer brought tears to my eyes once again. Then I saw Him take the clear ball that he had formed in His hands and roll it across the Solar system. I watched as it rolled to the far side of the Solar system and stop. Covering everything along the way.

Then I heard Him say. That is inertia. Man has just placed his fall in motion. And it will stay in motion until acted upon by a greater Force. 

I asked him. Can I go home now? I heard him answer. No… But I will send you back to your house…For now.

I started to smile again because I knew what He had meant, as He placed His hand in mine and we started walking back to Earth. We walked in along the Sea until we came to the shore.

I looked out over the waters and took in a deep breath from the wonderful breeze that was blowing.

As I breathed in I could see a Dove coming toward us. As it landed in the Lords Hand a feather fell from its wing and drifted down to His other hand. He took the feather and placed it in my shirt pocket.

At that moment I could hear the sounds of many waters flowing. And wondered what it could be. I turn to looked and saw a very large man with wings of an Eagle, landing beside me. I could hear myself say.

You are a big one little Brother.

He laughed and said. Just for your happiness and protection my brother.

I turn back to my Lord with tear filled eyes to ask, how do I say thank you. But before I could say anything I heard Him say.

We will be seeing each other again soon…

I smiled as I felt two big strong arms gently slide around my chest. I kept watching my Lord as we lifted off for as long as I could.

Then I turned to see where we were going. And to my surprise we were at my house.

Now that was quick, little Brother. I aim to please he said.

Will I see you again sometime?

Yes! That is for sure. Because I know we are not finished yet.

I turned to look at my house and heard the sound of many waters. Again I quickly looked back but he was gone. I found myself saying. I didn’t even ask his name. Then I heard his voice laughing. Now’ you know who your Big Little Brother is.!

I smile and said. Thanks Michael.

I turned and started up the steps to my house. And at that moment I found myself back in my rocking chair as if I had just awoke from a dream. The tears started to run down my cheeks. I so wanted my dream to be real.

Then I felt something in my pocket. As I reached in, there it was, the Doves feather.

It was glowing with a beautiful Golden white glow. Like I had never seen before. That’s when I said to myself.

I knew My Lord would not let me down…

  I leave you with this…

The man who seeks Love, Is searching for true balance of himself…

But the man who seeks enlightenment, searches for the True God…  

We cannot deny what we are, but we can change who we are…


Knowing is not enough. You must apply..!           Willing is not enough. You must Do..!  


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