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 Below I have written the Pledge of Allegiance. Why, because people don't seem to hear the Word of God anymore, so I thought maybe if they took a look at something a little close to home, they might understand what God has given us. Then maybe they might see how we have, abused, trashed and destroyed this country. If we got together and stop the chaos, there would be room enough for all of us.! There is no difference between a liar and a sucker, both of them are in the same lake of fire...


I’ me, an individual, a committee of one. Pledge’ dedicate all my worldly goods, to give without self-pity. Allegiance’ my love and my devotions. To the flag’ our standard of old glory, a symbol of freedom, where ever she waves there’s respect because your loyalty has given her dignity that shout freedom is everybody’s job. United’ that means that we have all come together. States, individual community that have been united into 50 great states , 50 individual communities with lands besides, with pride dignity and purpose, all divided with an imaginary bounders yet united with a community purpose, and that’s, Love for country. And to the republic’ republic, a state in which sovereign power is invested in representatives chosen by the people to govern. And government is the people and it from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people. For which it stands’ one nations Under God’ meaning, so blessed by God. Indivisible’ incapable of being divided. With liberty’ which is freedom, the right of power to live one’s own life. Without threats or fear of some sort of retaliation. And Justice’ a principle or quality to deal fairly with others. For all’ which means it is as much you’re county as it is mine.

I have adjusted some of this pledge because of our growth since it was written, in acquiring new lands… But this pledge, no matter how you say it… Is dead, and has been murdered by the people in America..!

As a great president, John Kennedy once said. Ask not what your country can do for you’ but what you can do for your country..! And that one statement, is what once lead our country to greatness!

As a great man, Martin Luther King’ once said in not so many words…

I have a Dream’ that one day people can be judged by their character, and not their looks.

I have a Dream’ that one day all men can walk hand in hand… I have a Dream’ this day.

If he could see us today, I believe his words would be turned to tears, because of what we have become… 

Another great man, Clarence Thomas once said’. At some point, we are all going to be tired of everybody playing the victim. He quoted a young black lady who said’ I’m really tired of having to play the role of victim! I just want to go to school…

And to honor Clarence Thomas grandfather’ quote’ you have to play the hand you were dealt, because old man can’t’ is dead, I helped bury him..! Wouldn’t it be nice to see everybody striving to be a better person, instead of complaining about the hand they were dealt..?

The only thing a protest does, is make a good person a criminal. The only thing a good education does, is take a poor young person, and makes him a Supreme Court justice…

Have you ever looked at lady justice and noticed she is blind. That also represents mankind. For most of us are blind to what God is doing. Or having to do because of us and the angels.

You see God started a long time ago to build a loving family, only to have 1/3 of the angels to rebel against love itself. So God decided to give the rest of His family a second chance. So He made us as mankind. Giving us the world and made it a beautiful garden. Not only for us, but also to protect us from the fleeing angels. Then He gave us two choices, the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge. And explained to us, eat the one and you will live forever, eat the other and you will die. That simple! Your choice!

Well some of you might understand what we chose. Or what we were talked into choosing. Even the animals had intelligence in the garden.

You see, it is not that we chose to eat from the tree of knowledge, but that we chose to believe a snake’s advice, over that of our creator, Jesus. And because of that, we lost the protection of the garden. And limited our intelligent growth to that of a snake. So you see, the most intelligent person on earth has no more knowledge then that of a snake. So now you know the real meaning of the word, doctorate. (PHD)

We can’t even comprehend how gravity works. Or how the universe is moving away from us faster than light speed. Which is not supposed to be possible. Which proves we can only think about this little box we are in, the universe.

Just to make it a little simpler for you Einstein’s. We can’t thing outside the box. To me, if the universe is moving away from us, obviously there is a larger room outside this box!

Let’s make this even simpler. We are standing alone in a very large empty warehouse, and somewhere in here, there is a one square inch of space that is going to explored (so says the PHD) and form a box that will become known as the universe of mankind. So what about the rest of the warehouse, because we are just one inch in this endless room. And all we can think about is how we are going to continue living like a bunch of greedy animals. You see’ compared to Jesus, we are still crawling on our bellies, and we are too incompetent to notice.

That was just the beginning, and there is still more to come. You see the time has come for the end of mankind. But’ it is not yet over. The church as we grew to know it, is dead. Only the real church, what’s left of us, still lingers. But we are scattered throughout the world, those of us that are left.

Power is being over taken by the slave masters of different beliefs. False prophets’ have arose to simplify the church of money, which once was called the House of Prayer.

Now the false teachers have replaced the Bible, with books of empty knowledge to teach from. So that when the time come, these books will help in the final fall of what is left of the church, as we knew it…This is how gullible we become! Because we did not read for ourselves. We have left ourselves open to become suckers, in this false doctrine.

Soon the sky will open and the church will no longer exist on earth. Then lucifer and his prophets will start revealing his true self, as the world’s savior.

But even after the battle of Armageddon, it is still not finished. lucifer and death will be nicely locked away in the pit of hell for a thousand years, and peace will rule the world. Then after that, lucifer is given one more chance at everybody. And what’s surprising is, lucifer will still be able to gather an army of a great multitude, to once again challenge Jesus. We have learned nothing from the fall of the angels! But this will be his final challenge. Satan and death will finally be destroyed in the lake of fire. Then Heaven, the new earth and the universe, shall come together under the Beautiful Light from our Father throne…            


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