I have found so many people calling themselves Christian, and preachers. And yet they still refuse to take God Word on many things..! Jesus made the Bible so simple, and gave it to us in a way to show us there was no mistakes. And still people turn away from it to read other books of man opinions. You can believe what you want, but the Truth is still the Truth, handed to us by God..!

 Hell’ what is it.? Hell is a place of torment, not torture. So, what is the difference? A place of torment is a place you put yourself. Torment is the absents of God… In other words, it its void of Good. Torture’ is a place someone takes you, to cause you pain, like satan does, when he drags you to hell.! Yes you might go kicking and screaming, but you will go, if you are without God..!
Torment is the road your taken yourself down, laughing and believing you are in control. Then you come to a point in the road where there is no turning back. You try, because you see what is in front of you and you don’t like what you see, so you turn around to go back, and find, not only are you headed to hell but you also find hell has been following you. Now’ there is nowhere left to turn… Accept the place you put yourself..!