We are Handicapped..! "I Know" How can I be Handicapped.? The world is my oyster and I'm looking Good.! That is the point. It has been right in front of us, all this time. But we were to simple minded to see it. We have accepted the majority's way, far to long. And as long as this continues, we will never be the independent person we were meant to be.

Each one of us has our own Handicap. And these are the things we cannot see because its right with the majority.

Its not like seeing someone setting in a wheelchair, or not being able to speak. Or a Blind person walking down the sidewalk. No" this person is standing right in front of you. And you can't always see them because your to close.

But sometimes" what's in front of you is a mirror. Because sometimes the Handicap person you are looking at is yourself.!

Handicapped, come's in different forms. You can be rich, you can be handsome or Beautiful, you can be gay, you can be a finger pointer, or have one or more of many other Handicap's and not know it.!

We have Handicap's because for some reason these are the things we need to over come in ourselves. And by over coming, we begin the true path that we were always meant to be on.  

"So your saying its wrong to be rich and beautiful.? No' not at all.! What I'm say is. You have been given something very special. And how you use it, is how you over come your Handicap.!

You see, greed, pride, hate, anger or just being a drunk, is as much a Handicap as living in a wheelchair. What is each one of these Handicap's doing for us. Only One Person knows the answer to that.

But I do know this.! The strongest people I have every met in my life are those in wheelchair's.! The one's that have overcome that is.! If this is a sign of what our Handicap's mean. Then I would hate to meet an army of Exwheelchair owners on the battlefield.

We are having to prepare ourselves. (Those of us who can) For something that is to come. We have by our own hand been placed in a valley of shadows, tears and pain. This was not meant to be that way. We have no one to blame but ourselves. But of course we do. (at least those who do not overcome do)

But we have been given open eyes and daylight to walk in. That we might see the Truth.

Know this' there is no difference between our Handicap's.! They are all equally consuming. Gain' does not come by wanting more, But by over coming that which you already have...

I once knew of a man who was shot in battle. The commander came to his aide and told him there was no medical aid. He spoke to him with great hope. And told him if you can make it through this day walking. Then nothing can stop You..! The commander looked at him and said... I will see you at Sundown... As evening fell and they stopped to camp. The commander walked to a nearby hill and looked out over the valley. There he saw the wounded man still walking. A smile came over his face and a proud warmth filled his Heart...

I ask you this..? How many of us will still be walking. When Jesus stands on the Hill and looks out over this valley..?        

When it comes to JESUS there is No second best...